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AP: Obama: tap nation’s oil reserve to help gas prices

Just Marvelous. In what I assume is just an attempt to garner more favor with the people who buy into this Nonsense, The AP reports:

CHICAGO (AP) — Barack Obama is proposing that the nation tap its strategic oil reserves to help drive down gasoline prices.

Campaign spokeswoman Heather Zichal said Monday the arrangement would involve swaps by oil companies with the government of light crude oil or heavy crude oil in oil stockpiles in Texas and Louisiana.

In the past, Obama has not advocated tapping the oil reserve, but Zichal said he has reconsidered because he recognizes that high gas prices have caused many Americans to suffer. Obama is making a speech on energy later in the day.

The last time I can remember a candidate doing this was (*shudder*) GW Bush in the 2000 Campaign. Not a comparison anyone would want! Tapping the strategic oil reserves is like giving the Oil Companies more “leased” land for drilling: It won’t help and when it does have a chance to help, it will be years down the road.

I know Sen. Obama needs to appeal to a wide base in order to get elected, but IMO, this is not the way to do it.

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Sen. Obama’s Campaign responds to Sen. McCain

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Recently, the McCain campaign has released two attack advertisements and made statements that were outright false (And the media actually came out and caught it!). I was afraid that the Obama campaign would do a John Kerry and not respond in a meaningful time frame.

Wednesday night, the Obama campaign released a response advertisement appropriately entitled “The Low Road“. This is a good sign as too many people believe the nonsense put out by these McCain ads.

So much for Sen. McCain’s promise of a clean campaign.

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Right wing goes Ape over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money

The Right wing goes Ape over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money. How’s that work? Sen. McCain flip flops on important issues, tries to illegally opt out of federal funding, and the best the right wing can do is  go Ape S__t over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money? Nice! Sen. Obama must be doing something right! Hope he keeps it up!

I guess Sen. Obama must be doing something right

Because of his former pastor, Sen. Obama is getting hit from all sides. At this time, April 30th, 2008 8:30pm EST, nearly ALL the stories in Google News Elections are all about him. A few choice headlines:

I could be mistaken, but doesn’t this mean he’s doing something right? I mean, he is the Democratic Front runner and he’s being hit from all sides. Seems to me like he’s the one the other Presidential candidates need to worry about, not the Rev. Wright.

Seems to me that Sen. Clinton’s use of a GOP tactic by Osama Bin Laden in an Advertisement is a lot more impact to me than anything Rev. Wright is saying.

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This has to be a Gag…

File this under “They must be kidding…”

Seen on the news: “Obama’s Glider Diner Breakfast on eBay

Apparently, someone grabbed Sen. Obama’s plate with the half eaten food on it.

Best part: The auction has “ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!”

It’s just weird. I bet Sen. Clinton’s campaign is thinking “Please Don’t!!!”.

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Ugh. Sen. Hillary Clinton is really close to losing my vote…

Democratic PartyApparently, Sen. Hillary Clinton is jumping on the same band wagon the Radical Right wing is on.

I wonder: Has Sen. Clinton gone after Sen. McCain for his seeking of the endorsement John Hagee?

As Keith Olbermann pointed out, Sen. Clinton is NOT doing the Democratic Party any favors with her attacks and missteps.

Me, I’m not interested in her attack politics but rather what the NEXT president can do to solve the problems presented to us now. Her comments about Rev Jeremiah Wright comes at a time when her own credibility is under attack and, IMO, has the feel of desperation.

Slight Update: While out to lunch and discussing Sen. Obama’s appearance at work (And I Missed it!!!), my friend and I ran into a Sen. Clinton supporter. We were just discussing whether or not a lot of “experience” is needed and our Sen. Clinton supporter pointed out his opinion that Pennsylvania will sooner support Sen. McCain NOT support Sen. Obama. Mind you, this is his opinion and I hope he’s mistaken. IMHO, Sen. McCain is running as it he’d be a 3rd GW Bush term and I’d rather avoid that.

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Overheard in the supermarket…

amd_obamabarack.jpgSunday I was in the supermarket and overheard this from a worker there:

If Obama is the President, OSAMA will be the Vice President!

This is one of the things I’m afraid of: people believing the misinformation that exists about Sen. Obama. Even some my co-workers, people who read the news paper, thought Sen. Obama is Islamic (he’s actually a Christian) and would not vote for him on that basis alone.

After 8 years of stunning incompetence, a disregard for the law, and various other things, Sen. John McCain may win due to misinformation put out by the GOP and their allies.

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